We are very hard on ourselves for our shortcomings and failures. Learning to forgive ourselves and push forward is a crucial habit for living a victorious and peaceful life.

Instead of beating yourself up for a mistake over and over again in your thought life, refuse to let that thought linger and say out loud “I forgive myself for that. I am fearfully and wonderfully made. God is actively working in my life and my future is bright”. This is more true than your failure because the past is over, the present is happening now and walking in forgiveness is so important. Then focus on what God wants you to do now and where He wants to take you. You will find yourself being much more productive and happy. Hallelujah!

Greg Fletcher

Greg Fletcher

Author, Teacher, Speaker

Greg’s love of the Word of God has helped him to grow and mentor others as well as co-author several books and studies with his wife Sharon.  Greg’s strengths include a strong sense of humor and analogies that  help illustrate principles from the Bible in order to help people absorb the truth that God shares in His Word.

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