What are others saying about Greg and Sharon’s teaching, books and materials


“Powerful Peace helped me as I began a new chapter of my life and guided me at a time I really needed it. Highly recommend read. It’s intended to help you live a happier life by helping you identify how the enemy (Satan) can place attacks on your life, situation, joy and steps you can take to take avoid negativity, conflict and live a peaceful life. There are VERY helpful ways on what you can do differently and how to identify baits that lead to conflict, unhappiness, anger, jealousy, gossip, etc. In answer to your question about it being very religious, the answer is I feel like it’s an easy read and not intended to finger shake at you, make you sad or upset, rather a guide to joy and happiness using what’s already spoken in the bible. Definitely not an overwhelming read if that is what you are worried about. The authors share glimpse of how their own lives were being impacted and I could identify with several of the same things. I am rereading the book because I sometimes need a refresher and to be reminded not to take the bait that lead to insecurity, and inner turmoil. Sometimes the enemy uses bad situations that have happened in my life to remove happiness from my current life/situation.I am currently re-reading freshening up on some valuable information & guidance for my life. Definitely a life changer!”

Melissa F.

“My husband and I went through this teaching with a group of about 60 people. Not only did I see the incredible changes in our lives, I got to see it infiltrate through our church for months afterwards. I have never felt so submitted to the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Our marriage is stronger and healthier. Our kids are healthier and happier. We have learned that peace is already there and available to us….we just have to WALK IN LOVE to receive it. Thank you Greg and Sharon for your obedience to God in writing this life changing book!!!!”

Renee A.

“The material was life changing, Greg and Sharon are great teachers, very motivating and informative. It is obvious that they live out what they teach in this class on a daily basis and they are a wealth of knowledge.”


“Powerful Peace has brought me so much PEACE in my life. It has taught me the strifes in life and how to avoid it or handle it in a Godly manner. I have had strife at work and the class has taught me how to Resist the Devil, Submit to God and Give Thanks. And of course, show the love! It works!!!”


“I originally signed up to take Powerful Peace so I could better recommend it to others in our small group as a help. I felt my life was filled with peace. Then I took the class and all hell broke loose literally just as we were warned it might do. I loved the class and plan to spend the summer or however long the Lord leads just soaking in the material. You both have done and excellent job and will highly recommend this to everyone.”


“I never realized the “baits” that I took on a daily basis and the quantity of them. I think just recognizing baits is life changing on its own. I truly feel like a different person. Thanks!”


“I never knew how much the devil battles for our hearts until this class….I am now more aware of the “baits” he gives us. I now know what God’s peace is and what his best for my life includes. and there is no way I am ever going back to the ways I used to turn to. This class has forever changed my life :)”


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