Powerful Peace Book Chapter Introductions


Have you just started your study of “Powerful Peace”? This video series will help you dig in deeper as you read. We wrote this book after facing some really tough challenges in our marriage and learning some key principles through them. We hope that you find these principles as life-changing as we did!

Chapter 1 - What is Peace?

What is peace? In chapter 1, we identify what exactly God’s peace looks like and all the benefits it can provide for us in our lives.

Chapter 2 - God’s Best

What would it look like if you had God’s Best for your life? In chapter 2, we encourage you to do some soul-searching and find the areas in your life where you have settled for less than what God has promised us in His Word.

Chapter 3 - The Thief of Peace

There is a very real enemy – The Thief of Peace – who wants to steal God’s Best from our lives. In chapter 3, we identify the baits he uses to deceive us and how you can recognize when you have given up God’s peace.

Chapter 4 - How To Get Out of Strife

Ok so you’ve taken a bait somewhere and now you’re not in peace. What do you do about it? In chapter 4, we detail how to get out of strife and back into God’s supernatural peace.

Chapter 5 - Spirit, Soul & Body

Did you know that you’re made out of three parts, just like God? In chapter 5, we explain the spirit, the soul, and the body, and how these affect your ability to walk in God’s Best.

Chapter 6 - Working vs. Bearing

As you might have noticed by now, walking in peace is hard! In chapter 6, we share the good news of God’s desire to walk every step with you so you don’t have to do it alone.

Chapter 7 - Walking In Love

The foundation for our salvation and our relationships is love. In chapter 7, we reveal a new way of thinking about the love revealed in 1 Corinthians 13 and how we can walk in perfect unison with the Holy Spirit.

Chapter 8 - Jealousy

This is the first of 8 chapters that explore each of the baits in more depth. In chapter 8, we examine the bait of jealousy, what God says about it, and the attitudes we should have about it.

Chapter 9 - Unforgiveness

Unforgiveness reveals who your trust is in. In chapter 9, we discuss why it’s important to forgive, even when the other person doesn’t deserve it.

Chapter 10 - Taking Offense

What does it mean to take offense? In chapter 10, we clarify what taking this bait means and identify some potential pitfalls you can avoid in order to set yourself up for success.

Chapter 11 - Worry & Self-Care

Worry and Self-Care aren’t traditionally seen are harmful, but God did not call us to walk in those things. In chapter 11, we reveal why exactly these are not desirable behaviors and what you should do instead.

Chapter 12 - Criticism

Criticism, both of yourself and of others, is very prevalent in our culture today. In chapter 12, we outline why this is a bait, how you should respond when someone else criticizes you, and when criticism is actually appropriate.

Chapter 13 - Judgement

The Bible calls us to not judge others, but what does that mean in everyday life? In chapter 13, we reveal how judgment actually occurs in three different ways and how you can avoid all of them.

Chapter 14 - Gossip, Slander & Talebearing

Gossip, slander, and talebearing are especially easy baits to take. In chapter 14, we discuss why God values what we say so much and what kinds of talk fall into these surprisingly destructive categories.

Chapter 15 - Debate

The enemy uses debate to cause division in our relationships. In chapter 15, we explain why debate qualifies as a bait and how you can protect your conversations from drifting into that territory.

Chapter 16 - The Power of Unity

Being united in God’s peace is the key to walking in His power. In chapter 16, we reveal how can strife handicaps your organization’s ability to walk in God’s will and experience His supernatural favor.

Chapter 17 - Peaceful Warfare

The enemy doesn’t want you to walk in God’s perfect peace, and he will fight to keep you in strife. In chapter 17, we’ll give you some key strategies so you can guard your peace and see the enemy coming.

Chapter 18 - Peace With God

You can take the bait when it comes to your relationship with God too! In this chapter, we discuss how to have peace with God’s timing, how to deal with anger towards Him, and how the baits can affect your relationship with Him.

Chapter 19 - Peace With Yourself

Sometimes you really have to give yourself a break. In chapter 19, we discuss the importance of forgiving yourself, loving yourself, and seeing yourself as God sees you: worthy of grace.

Chapter 20 - Peace With Your Spouse

Your relationship with your spouse is one of the most important relationships you’ll ever have, so you need to take care of it. In chapter 20, we talk through principles we learned through our own marriage so you can avoid disaster in yours.

Chapter 21 - Peace With Your Children

Your relationship with your children doesn’t have to antagonistic (even when they’re teens!). In chapter 21, we emphasize the importance of maintaining a peaceful home life and all the benefits that provides in the lives of your children.

Chapter 22 - Practical Peace

We should always be working to be more like Jesus. In chapter 22, we go over some daily habits and sources in your life that may be adding strife without you even realizing it.

Chapter 23 - The Purpose of Peace

You made it! As you read this final chapter, you may find yourself wondering why peace is so worth protecting. In chapter 23, we reveal what benefits you can expect once you have the peace of God in your life.

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