Help Christians in Pakistan

Our Vision: Print books locally and give them away for free!

Tools For Living is now in its final stages of translation into Urdu, the language spoken in Pakistan. This new version of the book should be printed within the next few weeks!

We believe everyone should have the chance to hear about Jesus Christ and His love and sacrifice for them, and have the resources they need to grow their faith. That’s why when we were given this first opportunity to begin translating Tools For Living, our book specifically for new believers, we knew what an impact this was going to have. We want to see the people of Pakistan transformed, renewed, and set free by the power of the knowledge of God’s love.  We have heard first-hand from our translators how the ideas in Tools For Living are shedding light in the hearts of our brothers and sisters in Pakistan, and how eagerly the pastors there are to hear the good news of God’s love for them.

With your help, we can bring this project for God’s glory to fruition. Please consider helping us make these books freely available to Pakistani Christians.  If we are able to print at least 500 books, the printing cost will go down to only $3 per book, greatly increasing our ability to impact the people of Pakistan. We want to hit that initial goal of 500 books, which would be a total cost of $1500.

Thank you so much for your financial and prayer support as we “go into all the world and make disciples”!

Thank you and God bless you!

Greg & Sharon

Tools For Living is a handbook written specifically for new believers.  It is written in a readable style that makes it suitable to use with younger believers and also makes it easy to translate into other languages.

Christians in Pakistan

Pakistan, officially called the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, is a beautiful country that sits between Afghanistan, India, Iran, and China in southern Asia. There are over 200 million souls that live in Pakistan, predominantly of the Muslim faith (96.4%) of both the Sunni and Shi’ite sects with only 3.6% claiming any other religion.  The official language of Pakistan is Urdu and it is the only language officially taught in all of the schools, so this was the perfect translation to reach all of the Pakistani people.

From the Himalayan mountains in northern Pakistan, to the deserts in southern Pakistan, there is a very diverse climate that supports a variety of plant and animal life unlike any other country.  God loves this beautiful country and these beautiful people.

Let's help Pakistani Christians grow and learn about who they are in Christ!

Can’t give?  We need your prayers!

We completely understand that everyone cannot give to every need.  You can still make a huge difference in this project by praying over these prayer points:

  • That the finances would come in to meet this project’s needs
  • That the book translations are high quality and easy to read.
  • That many opportunities arise for the books to be distributed all over Pakistan.
  • That the pastors and leaders distributing these books are divinely protected from anyone and anything that would try to hinder the spread of the Gospel.
  • That the Pakistani people will warmly receive God’s Word and grow in their knowledge of God’s love for them and their identity in Christ.

We appreciate and covet your prayers and thank you for taking the time to lift us up in prayer.

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